quinta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2008

Porque o Natal é quando um homem quiser...

... Achmed e o seu Jingle Bombs!
Só hoje é que vi mais esta preciosidade de Jeff Dunham e tinha de partilhar. Fica também a letra para poderem acompanhar...

Dashing through the sand
With a bomb strapped to my back
I have a nasty plan
For Christmas in Iraq.
I got through Checkpoint A,
But not through Checkpoint B
That’s when I got shot in the ass
By the US military.
Ohhhhh! Jingle Bombs!
Jingle Bombs!
Mine blew up, you see.
Where are all the virgins that Bin Laden promissed me?
Ohhhhh! Jingle Bombs!
Jingle Bombs!
Your soldiers shot me dead,
The only thing that I’ve got left is the towel upon my head.
I used to be a man,
But every time I cough
Thanks to Uncle Sam
My nuts keep falling off.
My bombing days are done,
I need to find some work.
Perhaps it would much safer
As a convenient store night clerk.
Ohhhhh! Jingle Bombs!
Jingle Bombs!
I think I got screwed
Don’t laugh at me because I’m dead
Or I Kill You!!!

Feliz Natal a todos!

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